Engineers fixing turbofan

Workforce Services

Sigma Aerospace connects people with careers in aviation.

Sigma Aerospace is a people-centred organisation that prioritises skills development, work-life balance and career progression.

At Sigma Aerospace we employ and place the best; We leverage this philosophy to find the best in industry, upskill and connect people with careers in Aviation.



Looking for the perfect engineering job pathway

We offer you access to working on amazing aircraft types, at locations of your choice, whilst accelerating your career though access and opportunities for Type Training, On Job Training, Exclusion Removal Training and Part 66 training. We offer a transition from AME to LAME, or transition to another aircraft type. What does that mean for you? An accelerated pathway to a more fulfilling career and better pay!

Engineers fixing turbofan

For Employers

For employers, Sigma has access to the best personnel, recruiting both domestically and internationally depending on the requirement.

This includes management of visa processes. Additionally, Sigma can design bespoke recruitment and training campaigns, including recruiting and training personnel to your requirement or type rating prior to beginning of contract.

Providing short and long term placements

Sigma Aerospace offers a full complement of personnel, from Trade Assistants, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Licensed AME/MAML Holders, Production Planners, Material and Logistics, Management and C suite personnel, and International Personnel Recruitment.

We offer roles in both commercial and defence in multiple locations. This includes Jet, Turboprop, Rotary Wing and General Aviation.

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Sigma Aerospace Placements

Australia’s Leader in Engineering Workforce

We are a passionate team delivering world class aircraft maintenance and training solutions. We have proudly recruited and trained talented aircraft maintenance engineers in Australia for over 15 years.

We are driven by our mission to develop talented aircraft engineers/technicians and connect them to promising careers with our top-notch contractors and airline partners. We’ve placed over 1000 qualified people across the industry and partnered with the best in the industry. We create pathways for our workforce, we find, place and employ the best in the industry.

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What Makes an Ideal Candidate?

We’re after Proactive, flexible and experienced professionals with a drive to continuously grow and learn new skills.


  • Ability to obtain a Red ASIC card (no record of criminal offences)
  • Ability to pass DAMP testing and Medical.
  • Strong team player.
  • Ability to follow supervisory direction.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Passion for safe work practices; and Current Driver’s license
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Placement Testimonial

“They treat you like a family, and they are always ready to give a hand.”


“I started my career with Sigma Aerospace as a contractor.

They treat you like a family, and provide any help required; they are always ready to give a hand.

Later-on they started Part147 and I did B737-NG and DASH8-Classic type course with them.

[I had an] Awesome instructor and wonderful team to work with.

I feel the way they have come from Manpower to training school it’s amazing progress.

As a Lame or Ame it’s a career progression within the same company, No need to look around. Get all your qualifications sorted, plus get your experience and do type courses.

Grow in your career at one place with best of the people running the show

Vivek Chodha
Aircraft Engineer