Turbine Engine Facility


Sigma Aerospace has partnered with Honeywell to be an Authorised Service Centre for the TPE331 series engine. From a single engine or fleet of aircraft, Sigma Aerospace manages the entire engine repair process for you ensuring a cost-effective solution in every aspect of your aircraft maintenance needs.


Leader in Turbine Engine Maintenance Repairs

As the Leader in Managed Aircraft Repair Maintenance Services, Sigma Aerospace offers total engine maintenance and overhaul support. From individual component overhaul through to complete fleet engine management, Sigma delivers the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for our turbine engine customers. Our managed services include the acquisition of customer core engines, stocking complete spare engines ready to be deployed, as well as exchange engine programs.

Sigma's turbine engine repair facility has been in continuous service for over 20 years and has a reputation as the most experienced turbine engine repair facility in Australia.

  • Honeywell TPE331 Authorised Service Centre
  • PT6A HSI, GBI and Overhaul
  • TPE 331, PT6A and PW100 Fuel Nozzle Repairs
  • Rental Engine Pool
  • Technical expertise with over 50 years experience

Sigma services, repairs and overhauls components for the TPE331.

TPE-331 Specialties: 

  • Gearbox inspections
  • Complete Engine Repair (CAM)
  • Fuel nozzle maintenance
  • Corrosion treatment
  • Field maintenance
  • Hot section inspections