Fuel Nozzle & Engine Components


Fuel Nozzle & Engine Components

Sigma Aerospace has significant engine component capability. This includes

Fuel nozzle overhaul, clean and test including:

  • PW100 Series engine fuel nozzles (including PW127)
  • Pratt and Whitney PT6 fuel nozzles and flow dividers
  • Honeywell TPE-331 series fuel nozzles

Sigma holds numerous nozzle sets in stock for the operator to allow advance exchange, reducing the operators downtime and stock holdings.

Sigma also has significant engine component repair capability including including fuel and turbo components such as:

  • Manifold valves
  • Controllers
  • Fuel pumps
  • Fuel limiter
  • Wastegates
  • Turbo’s
  • Alternators and magnetos.


Contact Sigma today for our latest capability list and to discuss management of all your engine component needs.